Screwball - Y2k lyrics

When the smoke clears

You know who gon' be there

When the smoke clear yo

Thats all we got to tell y'all right now

Y'all know who gon' be standing there right

See it's our destiny to count g's an' a semi-squeeze

Shoot the breezevolley how the computers might freeze

So im'a store watergunscan foods and keep order

We spaz out you cats prepare for the slaughter

The struggle savoirgot my temple on the border

Lineready to corner you off and get ? ? ?said it

Screwballread the creditget your whole team wetted (yo)

You dealin with some loose cannons (yo) ready to dead shit

I heard the world was over ahit suppose to blow like supernova's (uh huh)

Im on the hill high off the realpumpin my ? bolos? (yeah)

Prediction told us turn into rollersdon't let the street control us (what


'cuz when those crackers pull the plug they gonna creeep the holders

I send my deacon donorsblack re-belswho kill de-vels

And move through cells we rule this hell (screwball)

Make it picture pefect cock it back and lay it out

Bomb the white house run up in the pentagon and spray it out


Hey hey heydo all they talk about is y2k (y2kayyy)

Hey hey heyload it up and let the tech nine spray (*buck buck buck buck*)

Hey hey heydo all they talk about is y2k (y2kayyy)

Hey hey heyload it up and let the tech nine spray (*buck buck buck buck*)

How many times sour limes and coronas

Powerful crimes in americacorna' to corna'

What'choo wanna docops huntin you

Aimin for the killlayin still

Permanent forever chill in heavens field

Spreadin doin' dealsmore electric than eels

Respectin the realscountin what'choo build

? prepare was heal? journeywith hard times

Examine itplaya's have money at random

Sittin prettysayin come and get me

(first line overlaps last line)

Standin infront of the gates of hell

Smackin niggaspullin out the gat on niggas

Sold crackplus I'm a rappin nigga

I got rhymes for daysI got gats that blaze

Ready for motherfucking war

See this is whatcha'll wantedyou know it got to be me (screw b)

Everybody talkin 'bout they whips with the tv

I need some of this motherfucking rap money

I'm sick of this motherfuckin funny crack money

Fuck all y'all bitch ass niggasy'all don't worry me

Screw bqbfrom here to eternity (to eternity)


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