Sacramentum - Beyond All Horizons lyrics

(Music: Brolycke, Rudolfsson

Lyrics: Karlen)

In a faded dream where sleep is eternal,

oceans of blackness carry me with pride.

Naked am I sleeping beyond all horizons,

where endlessness is all

and death breathe with calm.

In the jaws of death's pale cold face

am I riding towards my only gleaming


My spirit is feasting the throne of desire

unseal the gate of plague and drench me in fire.

In my hell the paradise,

screams of souls with burning cries.

Overlord I shall forever be,

in a hell that was meant for me.

I am the ruler beyond all horizons.

Awakening, darkness is our light.

Blackened hearts,

open up for majestic thoughts.

Beyond all horizons,

I dwell and have the right for might.

For I am youth eternal,

and force infinite of dreams - of dreams.

This is the night where in I am lost - I am lost.

Mighty and erect is the will of mine.

this pyramid of fire - of fire.

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