Rza - You'Ll Never Know

One-two, one-two

Mic check, one-two, one-two (You don't know, that I really love you)

Yo, yo, You'll Never Know

Check me out (You don't know, that I really love you)

Yo, yo, yo

I love you like how birds love rose petals, Killarmy love full metal

I love you like how the Park Hill cats love to pull metal

The heat will make ya head whistle loud like a full kettle

I come like the Mecca in civilizin

The hallway jackal, Chicago Bull bandana

I keep police scanners from fishes

They try to slash me out like Douton Hanna

And blow my spot, yo, I'm not the polka-dot

I tote weight, sip Scotch, bust shots, smoke a lot

My cousin Billy, he done it silly, used to joke a lot

Chased bitches, cut class, got high and stayed broke a lot

So when the rent was due he would grab the identical

Twin gats and put a fuckin hole in your right ventricle

Not sober yet no potent threat, yo, I hold a Tec

Show this jet pack on my back, blast like no respect

While you bickerin, this flame is still flickerin

Then the magnetic attraction to my wisdom keeps you listenin

Yo, yo

Choco bang that shit!

Yeah, yeah (You don't know, that I really love you)

Killa Beez, European

Yo, yo, shut up!

Eh-yo, my sword so sharp I split the tweeters in ya Genelacs

European Killa Beez attack, chk-chk-chk

I never smoke blunts, tote weight, nor bust shots

But fuck with me I guarantee you'll get ya neck chopped

Be the haunting, dauntin, brothers won't fuck

with The Wu-Tang swordsman, slowly get dropped

When my Shaolin sword, swing at Nasty Immigrants with passports

To teach Man, Woman and Child, with the sword style

God, complete the presence

It only takes seconds to chop a nigga head on RZA records

But you a worthless effort, follow faster then leopards

I can't wait to return to the fuckin essence

Of hip-hop, yo, my shit chop constantly

It's over when my shit drops, son, honestly

I love the RZA and the whole Wu Academy

For givin me a chance to be what I wanna be (What?)

But You will Never Know how much..

Do you think this cocked mic will jam or choke?

Come on my nigga.. Listen yo..

Do you think this black mic will cock back, jam or choke?

I should stick a long silver hook down your throat

And snatch out your vocal, bitch my eyes is black opal

Reflectin this 2.2 kilogram Mac that smoke you

Firin lightnin, Northern Lights, duck tight and chocolate Philly

Lyrics pierce through the ear like the spear of Achilles

Iron body Bobby Digital suit, don't bother to shoot

Quicker than Clint when I draw the six shoo'

Mortal Kombat whether it's the blind or the mute

Cripple a idiot, dunn, it sounds ridiculous

Rapid flow got you petro, my voice echo, echoes

Off the Wall Street money we stack like golden geckos

Gecko, gecko, let go my Eggo or feel my Eagle

4,5,6 in my hand, I've rolled the c-lo

Brother knocked the long pound, ounces or straight kilos

You know how we go, it's the Killa Bee show

Then I love you like how the pharoah loves Joseph

The jewelry of Moses, like a man bendin down on one knee before he proposes

The special 8, laid the hammer, about to slay Isaac

and the paitence of Daniel in the lion's den with closed eye lids

You'll Never Know, You'll Never Know..

Yo, yo.. here.. (You don't know, that I really love you)

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