Rza - Wherever I Go

I got a story about D.C. to tell

And I don't think you're going to like it very well

It's about boys and girls, and the rich and the poor

But what if no one can afford to live here anymore?

Well I guess you can, 'cause you got a trust fund

You're so comfortable, but you're the only one

So I'm gonna turn it up and shake you down

'Cause your past is too clean, gonna throw it all around

You were brought up well, but your daddy never taught you

To keep your mouth shut.

Well omigod!

We don't do that here!

Well now we do

You'll see what we're gonna do about you.

You're taking one thing that one girl does

And making it represent all of us

So what do you know about the catty girls?

The only thing you know is your rich boy world

You're talking politics on your pedestal

And you half-baked idea of "what it means to be a girl"

But you can't feel how we suffer or we bleed

You can't give us what we want, much less what we need.

Well omigod!

Well I know what you said!

Yeah you can't run!

You say the girls are dum, but not this one!

You narrow your world to the safest girl

And up your nose with all the rest

Well we do exist and we do insist

That a life that's boring is the life without risk

You don't know what it's like to be harrassed all day

Then to be told that you're only in the way

We're living in fear, trying not to disappear

So yeah, we're kinda weird, not normal, no way!

Well omigod!

We don't say that here!

Wll that's not cool

You say the boys are too, but why not you?

So I got a story about D.C. to tell

But I don't think you're goinna like it very well

It's about "Nice Guys" and the girls who let them

Be innocent as rain and about as thoughtless.

You can bring the keg and I'll bake the cake

And we'll raise our glass to another mistake

So what if us girls try to tear ourselves apart?

Well we're here to tell you that it's time to get smart!

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