Rza - Unleash Me

(feat. Christ Bearer, Prodigal Sunn)


Yo, sting of the dragon master, one blow make your jaw shatter

Have you walk around with your face wrapped in plaster

Gaspin'....... *gasp*, like you got a bad case of asthma

Spot the dog, you try to run faster

Wild savage, but he bow down to his master

Wash, be found, with a ice cold shaster, he would shout

[Chorus: RZA]

I am free from you, so unleash me

There's nothin' else you can do to teach me

Nothin' else you can do to appease me

I know this point in life, it wouldn't be easy

I gave you my all, I would equal

Out of care, through my hands and all

Just to show and prove, you my man's and all

Didn't even try to make plans at all

[Prodigal Sunn]

My hand's cut in the outer, leakin' the contender

Hit 'em high, stick 'em low, break through the center

Somebody screamin' ambulance, yo, he bend a

Ghost like a ninja, whole 'nother agenda

Yes, we day and night, ready for fight

Plus I spit more through the mic, four fist right

Chest, head, body blow, would leave, anything goes

Broken nose, shatterin' jaws, spark him with the C-4

P-Sunn did it from the east door

The more I tour, the more I score, watch the lion roar

Through the field, with the skills and agility

Martial art ability, bend the laws of gravity

Stay in shape, no cavities

Some wise words from a young one, trained to reach mastery

[Chorus: RZA]

I am free from you, so unleash me

There's nothin' else you can do to teach me

[Christ Bearer]

I am free from you, Buddhapest fist, Tai Chi, Kung Fu

Master sick cool, jujitsu, round house kick you

Forty elbows, then I left right hit you

Master set me free, although you'll never let me get the master key

Cause when it's time for beef, who could the master be

While I'm stopped, critique you see the master flee

But cats keep rushin', I'll back flip bust you

Crack your rib cage apart, snatch your heart, that's nothin'

Guillotine chop, to the Phillipine hot

Leave 'em worst, and sendin' them to Killa, get shot

I ate from my hands, and ate from the plan

Entranced, my fake was a glance

I gave you my all, I know you felt my slave to, and thought

I'm sittin' pool on y'all

[Chorus x2]

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