Rza - Thirsty (Skit)

(feat. Beretta 9 (Kinetic 9))

[Intro: Beretta 9 (RZA)]

Drip, drip

It's hot outside man (drop, drop) One, two

I know niggas is +Thirsty+ (boodoodoodooodoodoo)

(Bobby Digital) One, two

It's hot outside (Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo)

About a motherfuckin' hundred degrees, humid

(Bo-Bobby, yeah, Digital)

And niggas is +Thirsty+ (Di-Di-Di-Digital)

[Beretta 9 (RZA)]

Ayo, this I dedicate to niggas who bust guns

All my live niggas who sold Vamps and didn't +Run+

My juveniles wild to stay out past their curfew

A build upon life and drink beers like their pops do

A subject of the streets, yo kid it's +Burning Season+

Don't expose the joint without intentional reason

Summer time (Digital), dehydrated, niggas out to quench thirst

Quench thirst, we might want to stay in home, oh fuck it

Rock the camo', I got the ammo

A long shot, look like I play for the Knicks

So call me Rambo, Beretta 9, Killarm' recon' (Digital)

Rob me, I might rob you, then it be on



Radical +White Boy+ push skate board, not Mountain Dew

Old splash, d'ya see that bright yellow shirt with the Wu W?

Faced you with the flight of a butter fly wing

Fierce as the eagle, sting of the underground beatle

Might wobble or fall down inside the squabble

In summer time, cracked the ice cold bottle

Take the swallow, and give all praises due to the true

And do the Dew, just do the Dew, do the Dew...

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