Rza - The North Sea

(feat. Diaz)

[RZA and Diaz conversating on a boat]


Yeh, this some good motherfuckin weed man, fo real

Niggaz got me out here on the Norwegian sea

Yo Diaz, I'm sayin what, we gone see a whale fo real?

[Diaz] Of course, of course

[RZA] We gone do, let me see that motherfucker

[Diaz] When we get that motherfucker, kill 'em

[RZA] KILL 'em

[Diaz] We gone eat that shit

[RZA] Oh, ya'all niggaz eat whales?

[Diaz] Hell yeah


Nah nah, I cant, I cant kill no whales

Oh man, I heard thet were here before us man

What the fuck is that right there comin close and shit

Oh we gone se Moby Dick

[Diaz] Finn fram harpunen'a. (Find the harpoon)


Hey damn, hey yo, nigga, one right there


(The beat starts)



And the R-Z-A

yo yo yo yo

I'ma turn my aim up, cause I spit overseas now

My head's supplece now, got a new rease now

I've been local, but my rep's gonna increase now

Prevent that, find ya self in a tight squeeze now

I really feel, we all need some hip-hop police now

It's all about C's now, too many MC's now

Please now listen, I'm takin somebodys place

Fuck who that be, ya'all cats can't hold it like me

Though I'm not from no famous, borough or state

I've spent years in this shit, more than eight

I'm more than great, I cross more borders than weight

I serve you 24/7, ya'all can order this shit late

And choose the language too, just go ahead

You want norwegian or the spanish row instead

Toma, para los que pueren entender (Spanish)

Til de som står og ler, vi får bent dem ner (norwegian)

(=For those who are standin there laughin, we bend them down)

Nei(=no), I can't compare, ya'all shit this hot

Ya'll can't flow like Diaz, or make peace like RZA

[Chorus: RZA]

Ta ra ratta Ta ra ra ratta

Yo, yo

We like to get, get high

Chase [????], chop

Ski, feel the breeze

Y'all cant fuck with this cat from the northeren sea


Heard ya'all Mc's talk alot, let's get back to this

I dont know if ya know this, but ya facts are twist

Up and coming motherfuckers just act as if

What they need to learn about is what practice is

Ya'all should get a teacher, who you lack is Chris

It be funny to see how you react to this

I'm like that +Activist+, I run up with bombs

While screamin 'fuck rap', with C-4 in both palms

I keep spittin after I blew off both arms

RZA came through, I'm used to flow over tarms

Beef that is, I'm tryin to reach these kids

Go head to head with these labels, beat their bids

Do whatever it taes, I never shit slide

Bout to switch on they ass like Jekyll to Hyde

Nobody takes me for a ride, put it to side

That's not an option, time for me to go outside

Hard to knock loose, cool with that much pride

God's my witness, I dont got too much to hide

That wasent the truth, Virgin Mary would I cry?

Peeped it with closed gates and I've would've fried


We like to get, get high

Smoke, smoke, lah, lah

Trees, and feel the breeze

Y'all cant fuck with this cat from the northeren sea

I might, get my, my big, big G-A-T

And start the squeeze, 16 shots at you crab MC'z

Nigga, we can get high, high

Chase [????], chop

Ski, feel the breeze

Y'all cant fuck with this cat from the northeren sea

I might get, get my, my big

And squeeze 16 at you [?????] rappers wanna touch my team

Nigga, we smoke, smoke lah, lah

Can, can get, get high

Ski, feel the breeze

Y'all cant fuck with this cat from the northeren sea

[airplane takes off]

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