Rza - Terrorist (Japanese Version)

(feat. Black Knights, Killa Sin, P.R. Terrorist)

[Intro: P.R. Terrorist, (RZA), {Killa Sin}]

Bobby (uh-huh, huh-huh), Now Y

Bobby, (duh-duh-duh), Killarm, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby

(Word up, Digital, Digital)

Terrorist shit, Terrorist shit, Digital, come and get ahold of it

(ya gotta keep niggaz...tuned into the zone)

To the tune of the black knights, yo,

{Straight to the horn, Killarm, Killarm}

[P.R. Terrorist]

Contemplate on how to run this shit

Universally, forever blunted

Reflect shots off my forcefield, this shit will split your nugget

Thoughts too rugged, extortioning CREAM from off the budget

Refugees, all the Terrorist fans, they fuckin love it

Insurance can't cover it, your maximum is minimum

Niggaz, they tryin to dub it, yo

It's the hottest shit on the streets

Since summer '86, my prefix is like a remix

Throwing bricks, try and dub this shit, it's accurate

Come for your head, it's immaculate

Conception, when my weapon's busting

shots, niggaz try to discuss my business around the neighborhood

[Doc Doom]

Yo, switchblade, grenade, rhyme flows

Buck niggaz like wild rhinos

Up in these killing fields you bound to die slow

Your style staggers like a drunken whino

That's why there's no hope to defeat a Black Knight

That's like tryin to walk a tight rope

Switchblade, grenade, rhyme flows

Buck niggaz like wild rhinos

Up in these killing fields you bound to die slow

Your style staggers like a drunken whino

That's why there's no hope to defeat a black knight

That's like tryin to walk a tight rope

with no feet, mercenary team, streets of concrete

Sasquatch, dump a nigga ass, so why try the

invinsible, Dr. destructor

My lyrics bring war like Lebanon

our troup's a Desert Storm, it be on son

Compton is the city where I come from

Act dumb if you want to, and catch a hot one

It's that real, knuckle up, lace your boots tight

Don't give a fuck 'cause every night is our night

[Killa Sin]

These rap icons, smash, spit fire out of cons

Fuck bigons, rely on islam in my python

Squeeze off, long fist, when I'm pissed

Result of this, gun powder cover my wrist

Blasphemous, how these fake fucks cursing my name

Knowing damn well, I'm hurting the same

What part of the game you playing? Kid, I'm sayin'

yo, three months ago you was on, falling short now

Chasing the Don, your money ain't long

Faggot fucks, bag 'em up, stick 'em in the back of my truck

Strip 'em and smack 'em up for acting up

He slithering, hit him in the rips again

Broke the code of honor that we living in

Could lead to the whole click dismemberin'

Never that, Killarm roll strong

Even though you gone, Wise, the crew will still hold on

I love you, in that dream you probably told me who busted you

Should have paid attention but I slept

So for that I gotta dust two devils off

Headed off, all that, fucking blow trial style

Law and Order cat gotta Serve Justice, what

Fuck this shit, (Serve Justice)

Grab ya muskett and bust quick, word up


Let me touch this, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo..

[this part is cut off on the US version]

Thieves gather under red moonlight when doom strikes

Leaving maroon sights in saloon fights and wound lives

My harpoon's flight can't be recorded by human retinas

Bite me and you'll catch more shots to the stomach then tetanus

I'm foaming at the mouth when I talk, King Holocaust with a crooked walk

Whoever looking soft is getting tooken off, shook and lost, cracked in half

I take...ugh.. [laughs]

[P.R. Terrorist]

I take, I take all fake snakes, grab 'em, by they heads, grab 'em

While they slither through the grass I'm in

I grab em up, squeeze them till they eyeballs POP!

Terrorist SHIT! When is that shit gonna stop?

[Outro: Killa Sin]

Never.. word up dunn

Stuck the heater up under the leather, hand sever

Fuck that shit, yo we come to.

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