Rza - Ooh I Love You Rakeem

[Prince Rakeem & Girl Talking]



Sexy Stuff


Oh Yeah!


Oh Yeah


[Rakeem:] I got too many ladies, I got to learn to say no

[Woman:] Ohh, We Love You Rakeem

[Rakeem:] I got too many ladies, yo, I got to learn to say no

[Woman:] Ohh, We Love You Rakeem, Ohh Rakeem

[Verse One:]

Time is moving slow, life is a drag

This money to make ya, more girls to bag

Fully aware, so I step upon the square

Lookin for what? The cooty and the chair

Flex and I flex on the opposite sex

Hit 'em off quick and step to the next

It's seems I'm a feem for a sex routine

Love to hear them scream

(Woman: Ohh Rakeem)

And my response is "Oh"

Always satisfy them, you know how I flow

But since I'm not lazy, I'm buck wild and crazy

I kiss the bussom, but never eat the daisies

And my ladies love me deeply

Because I'm handsome, charming and freaky

And when they need me, they won't go

And now I'm stuck, I should of said no

[Chorus 2:]

[Woman:] Ohh we love you Rakeem

[Rakeem:] And I love you to

[Woman:] Ohh we love you Rakeem

[Rakeem:] Thank you

[Woman:] Ohh we love you Rakeem

[Rakeem:] Your far too kind

[Woman:] Ohh Rakeem

[Rakeem:] Gosh

[Woman:] Ohh we love you Rakeem

[Rakeem:] You feeling mutual love

[Woman:] Ohh we love you Rakeem

[Rakeem:] Oh do you?

[Woman:] Ohh we love you Rakeem

[Rakeem:] Hmmmmm

[Woman:] Ohh Rakeem

[Verse Two:]

When I walk down the block

The girls stop and glock

They hop on my jock

Cause I got mad props

Tall & slim with the brown skin conflection

Half them sweating my love and affection

As I collect them, I must wan't to protect them

Love them deeply, but never disrespect them

I keep a tab on the large amount

But sometimes I find myself losing count

Of Latika, Diane, Lisa

Stephanie, Jackie, Teresa

Sharonda, um um, Veronica

Latasha, Sinthia & Monica

Never the less, you must give respect

To the femine queens that the God selects

I love them all, but even though

I'm rather happy, I should of said no

But yet my ego gets in the way

And always something that I'll never say

I'd just bag them, keep 'em under my wing

Put them in a posse, and et them sing

[Chorus 2: Rakeem saying these lines instead]

Do you

Say it again baby

Yes I like it

Come on you can say it louder

Cuz I love you all

Thank you

Rakeem Allah the greatest baby

[Chorus 1: to the end, Rakeem talking in the back]

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