Rza - Koto Chotan

"Koto... Chotan..."

Yo, yo, Ruler Zig-Zag-Zag Allah, I'm not reneggin'

I don't fuck with dead pigeons or the pigskin

You fuckin' fake 85% snake

Derelict ass bitch, your class in dead weight

Ain't no fire escape from hell, every devil ain't pale

I blast like H.G. Wells: "War of the Worlds"

Allah is Lord of all, you sure to fall

Collapse like the Berlin Wall, while I'm just hurlin' ya'll

Lightin' bolts -- by writin' quotes

Strikin' jolts that frightenin' to adults

A to Zig-Zag you get smacked, all in a shitbag

Bust like the spermbag, because your germ had

You on some ol' fake thug shit

Drunk from the drink, gassed up by the drug shit

Wrong analysis: kidney shot cause dialysis

While the Gods rebuildin' Jerusalem, golden palaces

Babes in Wonderland wonderin' where the fuck Alice is

While you're jerkin' your dick catchin' mad callouses

Slave labor steel drivin' like John Henry

Layin' down underground tracks for nine pennies

Huh, get you amped off the anthem

Yeah, I get you amped off the uh...

Yeah, look, another smash hit

My niggas from the Boulevard

East New York Squad in the yard gettin' ripped, at least 24 a clip

A 100 men stompin' your face the wolves barkin'

Careful, you might get trampled, caught flashin'

Wrap him in the maskin' tape, Jimmy Baskin

Murder was the case when the crowd break fool

Iron Mic Duel, held down by the poolside

Along came a spider spun spools in the cipher

Swing with all your might, lead spray from the sawed-off pipe

Stenographer type, the ghetto hype slang

Flow like water off the brim in the rain

No escapin', Iron Maiden, check matin'

Grandmaster Flash spinnin, P.F. cuttin'

The sticky Ave. gooey, roll in the frontal leaf

Jamel Irief smash teef in be

Some people lyrics ain't hot

My delivery is ill on the mic and I rock

So hot, this stage should be a stainless steel pot

Leavin' burnin' pains Neosporin couldn't stop

On cats who couldn't rock

Would shook 'cause I drop 'em

Fear is a probelm in this game if you got 'em

My mic I carry the heat for rappers playin' possum

'Fraid that I'm a see 'em, spit a rhyme, lyrically drop 'em

Just to say I got 'em, but it's realer than that

I'm about more that what you see and what I speak in my rap

So be conscious of that

Grand told you, "Watch the quiet ones, you didn't get it?"

You think that you could rip a chick who spit her lyrics

Pretty rhymes so tight my lyrics did it

Got you open and it worked it and you won't admit it

Hopin' that we both forget it

These ain't no one night stand lyrics, I'm never really finished

Got you duckin', tryin' to pivot, beware

Next time, come wit' it

"Koto... Chotan..."

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