Rza - Drink, Smoke & Fuck

Aiyo, raise 'em up, hold ya cup

Up, let the Alize fill them up

Thug passion, love passion, niggaz, who be actin'

Grey Goose, cranberry juice

Absolut, for those who can't afford the Goose

Malibu, coconut rum, Amaretto sour, coke & rum

We gettin' drunk, Hennessey, V.S.O.P

Age in the barrel, thirty-three years

My girl's been limin' it biz, ya'll niggaz sniff lines in the stairs

German beers, Heiniken, Beck's, Bud for you rednecks (yee-hah!)

Milwaukee's best, for those who only got two dollars and a bag of cess

All we wanna do is drink, smoke and fuck (fuck!)

Chronic, blubonic, chocolate Thai stick, you want it

Jamaican green, silver haze, the Northern Lights get ya ass in a daze

Purple hydro, Indonesian skunks, you can tell by the funk

All we need is Fonzo' leaf or a blunt

Easy wad of bamboo, I prefer the Dutch

Split the back open, then the weed get crushed

Big lighter gettin' sparked, we prefer to puff

Here's to good friends, tonight is kinda special

The beer we brought, must be something wrong, somehow

Muthafuck the low and brow

Or the Rolling Rock, nigga, cuz I'm sippin' Cristal

Dom P., folski, yeah, Juliet, ice cold P

Peter Pipers, nigga, take a sip

Sit back, muthafucka or I'll bust ya lip

There's Tanya, there's Sandra

Oh shit, there goes my cousin's baby's mamma

Big ass Nicole with no soul

Who would fuck a muthafucka for a jellyroll (jellyroll?)

I see Tasha, Pam and Sasha

Her cousin Tawanna, she's hairy like Chewbacca

Always trynna smoke on that chewbacca

Suck a dick dry for two shots of that Vodka

There's Shasha, BeBe and CeCe

Dede and Deiji, TiTi and FiFi

FayFay and BayBay, KatKat and FayBay

KayKay and Friday, they live for the payday

To drink, smoke and fuck


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