Rza - Black Widow Pt. 2

We're on the treshold of a new dark age,

the future looks threatening like a guillotine above our necks.

Hope is like a shadow in the desert,

once it's lost, it's always gone.

What will we achieve.

What will we accomplish?

Where do we stand with our faith not in our hands?

You have to choose, you win or loose.

You can't pretend you're challenged or will defend.

Insecurity is killing us and yet is our responsibility,

to have is not to hold when victory is in sight.

An atricate woven web of life,

all of a sudden cut of whit a knife.

All we need is to learn from the past,

'cause history is only repeating itself.

Fear of failure is closing in on us.

Life, a curious journey,

which price must we pay for the risks we take,

the thin ice we tread?

Our burning desire is setting the world on fire.

Heading towards the extinction of mankind.

Children destroy what ancestors build,

transforming paradise into a planet of demise.

Come and burn whit us...

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