Rza - A Day To God Is 1000 Years

"I wanna stay with you, forever"

Yo, yo, the A-1 sauce, the Divine Force

My mind blind force is known to blow time off course

Even, if I rode around the world on a blind horse

Strapped down, I'd still get my point across

Allah is father of all

You debate whether big, whether small

Whether short, whether tall

Whether dense, whether length

Whether strength, whether width

Either man, animal, bird or fish

Whether, black or white, more shapes than snowflakes

Existin', everywhere but you still can't locate

The man of steel couldn't bend me

Time couldn't end me

Even the great devil Satan that tried to befriend me

Understand the equality, God in a bodily

Form, lettin' my knowledge be born

Lettin' my knowledge be born...

"I wanna stay with you, forever"

Yo, yo, yo

I be the fatal flyin', I'm like NATO flyin'

Over your country and droppin' down forty tons of iron

Filled with explosives, your chance is hopeless

We have your head poppin' up like the blowfish

I'm not talkin' Hootie, nigga pass the zootie

I could bag the cootie, maybe smoke the ootie

The runaway train with no track

I got the heart of Faye Dunaway whippin' that child with the coatrack

T.V. droppin' bombs or droppin' germs

Baby moms in the courthouse, she's droppin' terms

Guns go off, bustin' all directions

D.J. choose, another fuckin' dope selection

"...with you forever..."

"Like the corners of my mind...."

"I wanna stay with you, forever"

Yo, the pen is mightier than the sword, as I face my worldly challenge

In the scale of justice and my heart remains balanced and neutral

My respect for all men is mutual

As my thoughts surpass a level to which you devils compute to

You've been given the chance to hear the true and living

So do the knowledge, son, before you do the wisdom

So you can understand, how the thunder and

Lighting above your head is caused by the Son of Man

We experimentin' with high explosions

That cause the place to quake and the surface erosions

The earth produce lava like the mouth produce saliva

This wisdom goes deeper than your scuba diver

In search for the pearl jewels sold to Tiffany

My verbal heart symphony will strike the epiphany

Insight, ignite, and then men might, see love and hell

Hell and right, then excel, to be masters of your circumference

First, by obtainin' mastery of your common sense

This supreme wisdom clears a man's vision

You can see it through the lies and the fantism

Of the equivocal, two-faced political individual

Who's only out for residual, fabricatin' lies

To eradicate the wise

But we come to civilize and gravitate to the skies

Of the heavenly celestial sphere

Trust me, son, it's dear, in between your ears

A day to God is a thousand years

Men walk around with a thousand fears

The true joy of love bring a thousand tears

In the world of desire, there's a thousand snares

"I wanna stay with you forever"

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