Rykers - Up To You

fed up... frustrated

can't understand the reason why

you shut yourself out

you're blind to everything inside

you drag yourself down

you flee from faith you need

betrayal as drugs tell you to

how can you believe this is true?

...slap in the face boy...

you don't find the answers

to your questions in a pipe

tuning out from all what's happening

makes you believe the hype

it's nice to laugh

but it's hard to be the joke

drowning deep in disillusion

watching your life go up in smoke

time's u... time's up to get a grip man

wise up... it's time to give a damn

depressive feeling... head down to low

nothing to give... nothing to show

down and out... no place to go

all this for nothing... all this for show

time's up... time's up to get a grip man

wise up... it's up to you to give a damn

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