Rykers - I Reject

done it once - done it twice

i set myself up believing the advice

convincing me that it's not as bad as it seems

but i can't come up with worse fakes... by no means

you don't remember who

you don't remember where

useless excuses - it's obvious you were never there

punks like your kind are really pissing me off

after one year of your endurance

nothing productive remains... FUCK OFF!!!

...... hypocritical scum...

don't ask me to understand

i'm out of patience - don't care to comprehend

righteous talk - leading nowhere

to accept no apologies rightnow isn't it unfair

live your trendy life

don't tell me how to live mine

you don't know what it means to be true

you're just a waste of time

...... time after time

if this is what it means

to be political correct

i'm proud that i can say

that i ain't going out like that

if this is what it takes

to be politically correct

I REJECT!!!!!!!!

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