Ryan Leslie

Ryan Leslie - Golden Days

We rock 'til the cops come and knock non-stop

We come from psycho cities and blocks

We're raisedby gunshots low life in hip hop

Despite the rules i choose to be, one of the choosen few

Leavin you confused, dazed and what got you all amazed

How the fuck we could be so blazed?

It takes one block to fill your life with terror

Think of all your bullet holes embedded in your area

Bullet, bullet and in the end, who gets shot

By motherfuckers making hip hop?

We came here to get you high, represent underdogs world-wide

On the hustle leading crooked lives

We don't die, we multiply; but we divide

So how are we gonna survive?

You got your role, i got mine; dont cross paths

Cause an intersection's just another form of clash, we crash

Due to violent environments, crimes terrorize rhyme events

I'm bringing the streets to the stage, rockin your front page

L.a., street families are crumblin we legacies

There must be some type of way out of this pain

Said the joker chain smokin weed train

Take aim stop random cappin, shoot a hootah captain


We came to drop these styles, it's no shock

We rock 'til the cops come and rock non-stop

Do you rock or do you get locked in fights with glocks?

The psycho realm's spraying out your box

We come from psycho cities and blocks

We're raised by gunshots and low life in hip-hop

Do you rock or do you get locked in fights with glocks?

We come from psycho cities and blocks

Will spirits dancing in the flesh accept

When somebody changes the music and the tune is death

We don't dance around bonfires

We get stoned, tripped or wired

In memory of those expired

My people's exodus results in prejudice

You ask us why, in poverty, we become terrorists

Now let me tell you this: we don't choose to tote gats

And sellin on the corner is to avoid tax

If you gun talk or hip-hop there's too much division

So find a new mission or it'll stop

We do our thing, talk slang, live on fast lanes

Some do it for money, and others for the fame

You're out playin games dangerous with high aim

How long will you maintain before you get slain?

Clearing the mind but my soul is mad

Tendency to act real bad

Come across me don't c.o.m.e. out at n.i.g.h.t.

Yeah, we the fuckin crazy youth from the streets freely

You see me pelon psyclone delivering a metal rainstorm


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