Root - 7 èerných jezdcÃ

In our search for what's right or wrong sometimes we travel much too long

And leave the one that's really meant for us back there in the dust oh what a shame

Now I think I've done this very thing left the shelter now I'm caught in the rain

But I will right this wrong I've done to us if my love don't rust till I get home again

A satisfaction's all I'm searching for I've even looked behind my neighbor's door

And I've looked until my eyes are sore and all I'm searching for is satisfaction

Your love just may as well be on a star because my journey back is almost that far

And I hope that I can stand the test and you can put to rest my urge to roam

When I return I wonder if I'll find just what I thought it was I left behind

Or will you be another empty face in that empty place you call home

A satisfaction's all I'm searching for...

A satisfaction's all I'm searching for...

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