Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Warped

My tendency<br>For dependency<br>Is offending me<br>It's upending me<br>I'm pretending see<br>To be strong and free<br>From my dependency<br>It's warping me<br><br>So much love<br>So rare to dare<br>Afraid of<br>Ever being there<br>Take me home<br>I need repair<br>Take me please<br>To anywhere<br><br>Descended from<br>Demented men<br>Struggle with<br>The art of gen<br>Please don't look<br>Too close at me<br>You might not like<br>What you see<br><br>Night craving<br>Sends me crawling<br>Beg for mercy oh<br>A vacancy<br>Taht's full of holes<br>Hold me please<br>I'm feeling cold<br><br>Chorus :<br>Descend all the way all the way<br>Everyday<br>Warped and scared<br>Of being there

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