Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Tearjerker guitar tab


{St:Red Hot Chili Peppers}

#Written down by Steinar Sande,

#Mail any corrections, comments etc. to me

{C:Intro : D F#m G A D F#m Bm 2x}

[D]My mouth fell [F#m]open

[G]Hoping that the [A]truth would not be [D]true

Re[F#m]fuse the [Bm]news

I'm feeling sick now

What the fuck am I supposed to do

Just loose and loose

{C: A Bb A Bb A}

First time I saw you

You were sitting backstage in a dress

A perfect mess

You never knew this

But I wanted badly for you to

Requite my love


[C]Left on the [Em]floor

[C]Leaving her [Em]body

[C]When highs are the [Em]lows

And lows are the [F#m]way

[Em]So hard to [F#m]stay

[A]Guess now you [Bb]know

[A]I love you [Bb]so [A]


I liked your whiskers

And I liked the dimple in your chin

Your pale blue eyes

You painted pictures

Cause the one who hurts can give so much

You gave me such

{C:Repeat chorus}

{C: D Bb C D Bb G D Bb C D}

Ha en glad dag! :-)

Steinar, IT-tjenesten.

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