Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Someone

Apathy...Atlantic Records

That's what works, baby

You ready to do it? Let's go

Yeah, yeah yo...

I'm old school, like analog opposed to Pro Tools

And blow through your whole crew like Triple-X when he hold tools

The intellect is so cool, I freeze the cerebellum

When I'm blowin' air up in your melon

I'm compared to a felon with an infallible flow

Imagine me rappin' like I wanna hurt you

Worms will tunnel holes through your body then push that dirt through

I'm Jesus with telekinesis, I'm Moses, so focus

I open up the oceans with basic human emotions

I ain't boastin', I'm that bastard that bathes in battery acid

You makin' Apathy mad, and you taken out in a bag

Zip from your cranium to your ankles

I study the radius and the angles

To turn those who oppose into angels with halos

Guitars and harps, my bars are so sharp

Marine biologists study me instead of jaws of sharks

It's too deep, a few sleep like we goin' to nuclear war

Put my CD on sale and see what it do to your store

We show you how to do this, muthafuckas!!

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