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"Venice Queen", 
Red Hot Chili Peppers,
(By The Way).

Chords to be used:

A     (x02220)
Asus2 (002200)
C     (x32010)
Dsus2 (xx0230)
Em    (022000)
Fmaj7 (x33210)
G6    (320000)



The first part, before the scoustic breakout, goes somelthing like this:

Em                         C
  Does it go from east to west, y'all
Em                       C
  Body free and a body less, y'all
Em                           C
  Come again just to start a fresh and
  Once again to find a home
Asus2          Dsus2  
  In the moment   of the meantime

Em                               C
  Dropping in coming through the mesh, y'all
Em                             C
  Checking in just to get it blessed, y'all
Em                              C
  Hard to leave when it's picturesque and
  Find a form that's free to roam
Asus2                 Dsus2  
  Where you come from,    where you going...

And it continues like this until the acoustic part.

Em - C
Em - C
Em - C
Asus2 - Dsus2

Acoustic bridge part (with an angry guitar riff):

Em              C      Em         C 
We   all   want   to   tell   her
Em             C         Asus2    Dsus2
Tell   her   that   we   love   her
Em         C        Em      C 

Venice   gets   a   queen
Em            C       Asus2  Dsus2
Best   I've   ever   seen

Em              C       Em         C 
We   all   want   to   kiss   her
Em             C          Asus2    Dsus2
Tell   her   that   we   miss   her
Em         C        Em      C 
Venice   gets   a   queen
Em            C     
Best   I've   ever  

And then the last ongoing part goes like this:

  I know you said you don't believe
  In God do you still disagree
  Now that it's time for you to leave
Is love 
my friend
My friend,
my friend

And it goes on like this til the end
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