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Universally Speaking

stonker of a tune, worked out on acoustic, pretty easy to play. Enjoy!

intro D Em7 x 4

D Em7
i saw your face
Elegant and tired
Cut up from the chase
Still I so admired
Bloodshot your smile
Delicate and wild
Give me she wolf style
Rip right thru me

D Em7
Silveretta the jets of a lifetime
Go and get her i've got her on my mind
Nothing better then feeling is so fine
Simply put I saw your love stream flow

Come on baby 'cause cause there's no name for
Give it up and I got what I came for
G Bm
Universal-ly speaking

Take it back and you make me nervous
Nothing better then love and service
G Bm Am
Universal-ly speaking ah
B7 Em
Win in the long run

I saw your crime
Dying to get high
Two of a kind
Beat all hands tonight

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