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Song: Tear (solo)

Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Album: By The Way

tabbed by Francy [ITA]

My name is Francesco Giampiccolo, if you have any question ask me... My e-mail address

webmaster at

This is the correct solos, I'm sure of this


E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |

B|------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |

G|----9-10-12-10-9---------------------------9------------9------------9--------- |

D|--10------------10---9-10-12-10-9--9---7-10-----9p8p7-10-----9p8p7-10---------- |

A|-------------------10------------10-------------------------------------------- |

E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |

E|----------------------------------------------------------------------------- |

B|----------------------------------------------------------------------------- |

G|----------9------------9--------------9-10-12-10-9---------9-10-9------------ |

D|--9p8p7-10-----9p8p7-10----9p8p7----10------------10---9-10-------10--------9 |

A|-----------------------------------------------------10-------------10-7-10-- |

E|----------------------------------------------------------------------------- |

E|----------------------------------------------------------------------------- |

B|---------------------------------------------------------5------------------- |

G|----------9------------9------------9------------9----7--5------------------- |

D|--9p8p7-10-----9p8p7-10-----9p8p7-10-----9p8p7-10-----9---------------------- |

A|----------------------------------------------------------------------------- |

E|----------------------------------------------------------------------------- |

3:46 trumpet part arranged for guitar

e|------------------------------------- |

B|--10-12-12/15-12-10---15b--13--10---- | REPEAT

G|------------------------------------- |

D|------------------------------------- |

A|------------------------------------- |

E|------------------------------------- |

That's all... I hope it's useful for youAdded by and our distinguished partners
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