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I saw you at the police station and it breaks my heart to say.
  G                     C                Em
Your eyes had wandered off to something distant, cold and grey.
I guess you didn't see it coming, someone's gotten used to slumming.
Dreaming of the golden years,I see you had to change careers.
Far away, but we both know its somewhere.

  G              C                     Em
I saw you on the back page of some pre press yesterday.
 G              C                     Em
The drip wood in your eyes had nothing short of love for pain.
I know you from another picture, of someone with the most convictions.
We used to read the funny papers, fooled around and pulled some capers.
Not today, send a message to her.
A message that I'm coming, coming to pursue her.

F                 C                  D
Tell your country I, rest my face on your bed.
D             F           C                        D
I got you ten times over, I'll chase you down 'til you're dead.
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