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Tabbed by Louis P
This sounds like one of the Sikiria Songs to me.
Album: By the Way
Song: On Murcury
g--------------------------------------------------- ||Repeat(?)of x's
e--------------------------------------------------- ||Then,
g------------------------------------- || Repeat Two Times After the
d5-5-x5-5-5-5-x5-x4-4-x4-4-4-16-16----*|| According Solo.
e------------------------------------- ||
g--------4----------7--------- || Repeat and then go back to the
d-----4----------7------------*|| Intro and so on.
e------------------------x5~-- ||
Accordining Solo(I Don't Know How to spell that A word.)
g---------------------------------- ||
d-55-44-22------------44-55-44-----*||Then you go back to the Intro.
a------------------77--------------*||And end on the Chorus.
e---------------------------------- ||

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