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Red Hot Chili Peppers
I Could Die For You
From the album By the Way
Tabbed by Callum Dickson

This is the next single and its a kick ass song. Its basically chords all the way through. John plays the 
in the second line of the chorus differently almost every time but I've only tabbed the basic fill. The 
Peppers rock.

Verse 1:
A (G#5)  F#m
         Something inside
the cards I know is right
F#m              A
Don't wanna live somebody elses life
This is what I want to be
And this is what I give to you because I get it free
F#m                A
She smiles while I do my time

Chorus 1:
C#m     E       B   F#m(v2)
I could die for you
C#m     E      (Fill)
Oh this life I choose


Verse 2:
A (G#5) F#m                   A
        I'm here to be you're only go between
F#m                A
To tell you of the sights these eyes have seen
F#m                         A
What I really want to do is turn it into motion
                          F#m             A
Beauty that I can't abuse you know that I use my senses too
F#m(v3)              A
You can see that its only everywhere
F#m(v3)                     A
I take it all then I find a way to share

Pre chorus:
 Come along and go...along with me

 Wander with me yo...its all for free

Chorus 2 (play twice):

C#m     E       B   F#m(v2)
I could die for you whatchu wanna do
C#m     E        (Fill)
Oh this life I choose

Come again and tell me where you want to go
What it means for me to be with you alone
Close the door and noone has to know
B      C#m
How we are

Then repeat the pre chorus and play the chorus four times.


A       5 7 7  6  5  5
F#m     2 4 4  2  2  2
F#m(v2) X 9 11 11 10 9
F#m(v3) X 9 11 11 14 14
C#m     X 4 6  6  5  4
E       X 7 9  9  9  7
B       7 9 9  8  7  7
G#5     4 6 6  X  X  X

I'm pretty sure most of thats right but you can send corrections/comments etc to
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