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FaceMob in the house
Chuck Nice
Willie D y'all
I guess I'll open it up

It's on, ring the alarm
Got a full metal jacket and the P7 I'm clutchin in my palm
When the first shot ring out, the last man standin
be the last man they bring out, ain't nobody starin
Niggaz is gettin somewhere they know the gunner ain't for play
He got some niggaz in the parkin lot sparkin off the AK
So rat-tat-tat, tat 'til yo' ass hit the motherfuckin flo'
What that FaceMob lookin like ho?
You want drama, I'ma send it at you full speed pussy
The last of this motherfuckin species, push me
When it's on end your life, fuck who wrong you was right
You the nigga center stage, better go and get a stripe
Cause tonight, you fucked with big dawgs but they bite
Now I'm at you with a vengeance nigga, go and grab the mic
I don't threaten motherfuckers in the booth, I'm the truth
I was out there in the hood, nigga where the fuck was you?

[Chorus 2X: Scarface]
I'm quick to introduce niggaz to real nigga shit
I don't bullshit with niggaz, I kill niggaz quick
Face the motherfuckin facts, you a rapper I'm a killer
I'm respected in these streets cause I'm a real-ass nigga

[Willie D]
I don't pay too much attention, to a nigga with lip
As long as the dawg barkin, he can't bite shit
They got yo' record in the store you fuckin clown
They got my motherfuckin record downtown
Stop crook, everybody know you mushy

You transparent, and I can see you pussy
Pussy, pussy pussy, up in your drawers
All you need is some weed and alcohol
Bitch niggaz get dusted, I'm here to stay so get adjusted
If I can see it, I can bust it
You can round up every motherfucker you know
But when the time say so, I'ma get wit'chu ho
I know you prayin that protection talk gon' get you saved
But nigga you ain't doin nuttin but diggin your grave
And you talk about that gangsta shit, it's so funny
If a nigga think you real, I'm the motherfuckin Easter Bunny
All that bullshit you talkin I don't buy all that
I hit yo' ass in the head with a car jack
Rat-a-tat tat 'til your dick-suckin ass twitch
Now what that Willie D lookin like, bitch?


[Bushwick Bill]
Now which one of y'all niggaz got beef with me?
Ain't none of y'all motherfucker more street than me
Y'all some ho-ass niggaz, Mo'-ass niggaz
Mario Winans "I Don't Wanna Know" ass niggaz
Too timid to check a hoe-ass niggaz
Washin dishes and moppin the flo' ass niggaz
Meet 'em on the po'ch, shut the do' ass nigga
Fo'-fo' calico totin ass niggaz
Fuck with Bushwick, and watch your push get
pushed back to the white meat, motherfucker
No doubt we pack heat, motherfucker
Lift yo' ass off your feet motherfucker
FaceMob make music to driveby to
Fuck with me I'll have you lookin at what I do
Now listen to a real nigga spit
A small introduction to some real nigga shit

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