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G I V E I T A W A Y / Red Hot Chili PePPeRs / B_S_S_M_ #9
Tabbed by: Phil -==RzR==- Coval < E-mail:/ > 95


slide guitar part


e| |---------------------------------------------------------------| |
g| |--7--6-5'-------------7-8---------7-6-5~-----------7--5'-------| |
D| |----------5-5-7---7-----------7---------5-5-7-------------5----| |
E| |---------------------------------------------------------------| |


I donno what it is but i think it's at first some Evii chord (x799xx)
and then a D chord (x77xxx) but it's not the correct way to play it! S.O.S.


I've heard the strange sound is the result of a reversed tape playing
but it's not an excuse because they play the song live

Bass guitar parts by:


Guitar solo

as easy as pie


hat'all but NOT Enough if you can add/correct something
please Email-me:/ (Phil COVAL) 95
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