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Subject: r/red_hot_chili_peppers/

Artist:	Red Hot Chili Peppers
Song:	Cabron
Album:	By The Way
Tabber:	Andy K
Notes:	Standard Tuning. Capo on the 7th fret. This is most of the song, =
though in some verses there is definately something
	going on up high on the top two strings which I can't quite pick out. =
Pretty sure that the rest is=20
	close enough to the real thing. Chords - If it says G(D) then your =
playing a G, but because of the capo
	it is a D. This is for people who haven't got a capo and wanna strum =


G(D) Em(Bm) G(D) Em(Bm) C(G)			    C(G)                    D(A)=20


Main riff:

G(D)                          Em(Bm) =20

Play this for the chorus (Cabron cabron etc) then twice for the verse. =



C(G)                      D(A)


Play the verse and pre-chorus twice more. The second two times John =
plays something higher up
Any input on that is very welcome!

On the third time, play the pre-chorus 3 times then back to the main =
riff and do it all again.

Next comes the slide solo, over the main riff:

|--------------|     |-------|
|-12/19--1912-|     |-1210-|
|--------------|  x4 |-------|
|--------------|     |-------|
|--------------|     |-------|
|--------------|     |-------|

Back into the pre-chorus 3 more times and then a chorus.
Next the verse and chorus with the first part of the slide solo behind =
Finish on:


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