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Hi guy!I'm Peev and this the tablature of Cabron a song of new R.H.C.P.'s album:By The Way


D Bm D Bm G A scale D D scale Bm Bm

G|-11-|-7-|-11-|-7-|-----12--12----12---14-|-11-9----------|-11-|-11-9---------|-7-| x2

D Bm D Bm
Cabron cabron,cabron cabron.

I see you in the park
yuo're always wearing

dodger blue
mad doggin' me and
anyone from any another crew
I am small but I am strong
D Bm
I'll get it on with you
D Bm
if you want me to
D Bm
what else can I do
everyone wuold take a cue
D Bm
from anything you do
D Bm
if you want them to
D Bm
what else can they do
I don't want to fight
I want to get along with you
this time of night's
for singin' songs
about the local news

(Scale of D and Bm)
Cabron Cabron x2

I'll com around and make pace
get down have a barbeque
let's keeo the moon awake
and do electric boogiloo

I am small but I am strong
you see i'm just like you
if you only knew
that i'm just like you

all the world would
take a cue from
anything you do
if you only knew
that they're just like you

I don't want tob fight
I want to get along with you
this time of night's
for singin' songs
about the local news


e|--------------| |------|
B|-15/19--15/12-| |-12/8-|
G|--------------|x4 |------|
D|--------------| |------|
A|--------------| |------|
E|--------------| |------|

cabron x8

what else can I do
if you want me to
cause I'm just like you
if you only knew

cabron x8
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