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You sit and face your final meal, you'll be the first to blink
A reminder that you're still alive
Frightened of this thing you feel but still you start to think
What price for you to survive?

Join us! We need all the help we can get
Together! We'll hedge our karmic bets
Join us! Self-righteousness is fun
Together! We'll convert everyone
It's time we all saw the truth

I can't believe we've come so far, there's so much more to go
And it looks like things are up to us
It doesn't matter where you are, it only matters what you know
It's time we said enough's enough

Speaking for a species that can't speak
I'm talking about the slaughter of the innocent and the weak
I call it a crime and now it's time to make a change
You know we're ready to rearrange
I'm on one mission, to kill an old tradition
Make a meat-eater like a black and white television
It's time to take the dying out of what we eat
So get out of your seat
Because it's time to beat the meat
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