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[Music: Pell / Lyrics: Soto]

Just a lonely hunter always
Searching for another prey,
Or another rival.
He's a cold assassin in a modern
Time of senseless hate,
It's all about survival.
Vicious and cold, with a passion to
Rule and control,
In for the kill, with a hunger to
Take your mind and soul,
Don't let go.
Get it out, reign of the warrior,
Get it out, it's the reign of the
Get it out, the fight of the warrior,
Get it out, it's the fight of the
Enter in to battle, more casualities
Lie just ahead,
'cause you fight 'til the end.
Malicious contentment, on the
front line of no man's land,
Hunt you down again.
[Repeat bridge]
[Repeat chorus]
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