Rancid - Hyena lyrics

It's no joke

Can't cope

Use the rope this time

Knuckle up, buckle up

The ride's getting rough

But I will not lose my mind

I asked them if I could come in

And the first thing they said was NO

If I can't come in, that means I can't come back

That means I got nowhere to go


I'm a hyena fighting for the lion share

Sometimes the lion share ain't there

Absent from political authority

An animal I've become

Total disorder and confusion is the lifestyle that I run

Permit me to do what I want and I will I'm a nomad to travel

Concrete glass stone and gravel


Every time I turn around it's the same sad story

Getting ganked I wish it would end

And life's comisary

I'm a bad missionary with a wicked message I send

Who could I trust in a world of green?

What I'm taught to take and not give

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