Ralph McTell

Ralph McTell - Lunar Lullaby

Beggar Woman (Laura Michelle Kelly)

Anthony (Jamie Campbell Bower) - [speaking]

Beggar Woman: Alms! Alms!

For a miserable woman

On a miserable chilly morning

Thank yer, sir, thank yer

Anthony: “Ma’am, could you tell me whose house this is?”

Beggar Woman: “That’s the great Judge Turpin’s house, that is.”

Anthony: “And the young lady who resides there?”

Beggar Woman: “That’s Johanna, his pretty little ward. Keeps her snug,

he does, all locked up. So don’t you go trespassing there

or it’s a good whipping for you---or any other young

man with mischief on his mind.”

’Ow would you like a little muff, dear

A little jig jig

A little bounce around the bush?

Wouldn’t you like to push me parsley?

It looks to me, dear

Like you got plenty there to push

Alms! Alms!

For a desperate woman

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