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Cabbing it uptown
You're moving it uptown
You taxi it uptown uptown

And you're moving it southwest
You're cabbing it uptown
You're moving up sideways sideways

And you're cabbing it uptown uptown

Cabbing it uptown

Your business friend
Your business friend's Australian
And when he comes it's Gotterdamerung!

But you're cabbing it uptown
You're moving up south now
You're moving it uptown uptown
Sideways sideways


People going, people going
Moving it uptown

And locked in the door bins
Slowly slowly

Jump in! Jump in!

You're cabbing it uptown uptown

But you know the best, Dan
I dunno where I am
I feel like crying

But cabbing it uptown
You're moving up sideways
Moving up slowly
You're cabbing it uptown

(Taxi! .....)

You'd better cab it up slowly

Moving in circles
A Shepherd's Bush man
Eats from a can
He taxi it southwest southwest
He moving it uptown uptown

Uptown Uptown

You'd better cab it up slowly
You'd better taxi it slowly
You'd better cab it slowly
You'd better cab it up

Jump in! Jump in!
Michael! Michael!
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