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i guess this means i didn't make it
but everyone's unhappy
and all we have in common
is a fondness for the past
i don't know what will make me sated
i don't wanna run your rat race
if i make sure i never finish
then i'll never come in last
so waste your life away
while memories await outside your door
and don't wait up for me
while you sit and reminisce i'll be out here
making more

everyone's searching for the meaning
let the masses give the answers
if we believe that we're all worthless
then i guess it must be true
and if your day of judgement ever comes
i guess i'll wish i'd lived my life in fear
and apologized for everything
like you
but i don't need another hallmark holiday
to tell me who to love or what to do
leave my life up to me
and everything that's left
i'll leave that up to you
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