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I'm torn and I'm ripped in temptations wake
I've lived half a life im desires slave
Of love and of lust and of life he speaks
In thrall I'm the victim until it sleeps
I'm bound to this medusa blind or stone
I'm held at the mercy of the unknown
Can't shake the black hearted, still I roam
Can't change how it started, the beast comes home

You choke like smoke
And define like a stain
You reign and the flood
Washes all but my name away
Temptation come my way
Temptation take the day

Hey hey this is the lid to my coffin case
You lay six feet of deep just to separate
Pine tar and pitch and a rusted hinge
Whats left of a life that temptation spent
Hey hey you are the storm and the sun will drown
I love to love the way that you let me down
And if I ever strut bring me right back down
Remind me today that temptation's still in town
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