Ragnarok - The Predicted Future

A thick mist in a cold Autumn night lies on the ground and devour the environment

A moonfog makes the infernal mood

A time comes when man get his bestial mind

The dark sign blaze through the sky

a sign who calls the day of doom

the world have predicted future

a future in violence and bloodwar

Blood must be granted and lives must be offered

But however our weapons will be fouled with the opponents blood

Try to understand... Foolish ones

you are not created by Nature

your God have nothing to do here

Can't you hear the anger

The wrath of Nature King is coming closer and the destiny is... Doom

Get the fuck out of our world or die while you still believe

As warm and cold clouds makes the thunder

do good and evil end with war

The black flame burns and from the mountain high rise a world that it was meant be

Evil calls... the brotherhood of beasts

Evil knights... will create the perfect world

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