Ragnarok - The Fall Of Christianity

We had a dog named Bocephus livin in the front yard

He likes sleepin out on top of the car,

He drank beer out of a mason jar,

He'd climb up on everyone's bed.

A white frame house in a college town,

A bunch of people always hangin around,

No real problems we needed to drown,

But we tried our best anyway.

We went to class just to pass the time, back in 89'


We had a keg in the closet, pizza on the floor,

Left over from the night before.

Where we were going we didnt really care we had all we ever wanted,

And that keg in the closet.

This old guitar taught me how to score right there on the Lambda Chi Porch,

Mary Anne taught me a little more about wantin what you cant have.

Sweatshirts and flag football, Spring Breaks down in Panama,

For awhile we had it all we'd never dream it wouldn't last.

We went to class just to pass the time, back in 89'.


We all kinda went our separate ways, but I swear it seems like yesterday.


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