Ragnarok - For The World I Am Blinded

(feat. Frost, Mellow Man Ace)


I said a hip-hop-ta-pop the hibby to the hip-hip-hop

a you dont stop a rockin' to the greenside bump

Up jump the boogie to the rythim of the L.S.O.B

Now what you hear is not a test, well I be busin' to this beat

See its me and my dog and the homie Kid Frost,

gonna try to take your freak, haha

See I am ODM and I'd like to save you folk

To the black and the white the red and the brown

and the hynas that are good to go

But first, I gotta bang-bang-da-boogie to the boogie

say up jump the boogie to the gangbang boogie lets rock and you dont stop

Rock the rythim that will make your cherry pop

Well so far you've herd my voice but I braught two friends along (zup dogs)

And next up to bust is my homie Kid Frost, Go ahead Frost lace this song


Check it out I'm the K-I-D F-R-O-S-T baby doll its time to ride

See I role with the crew called the G-Spot G's

and these the reasons I'll tell you why

See I'm number one and I'm tons of fun, I'm down to a teeth

And I got more jewels Then all them fools and I dress up preciously

I got body guards, I got five big cars, lift Them front and back

I got a 9 SS Impala, a ? gold Cadillac

Everything is cool I take a dip in the pool

Like deck cause its time to ball

A big screen t.v. so I can see the Lakers play baskeball

Here me talk about checkbook credit card more money

then a sucker, could ever spin

But I wouldnt give a sucker not dime quarter

cause its all about jakin them

A everybody go hotel-motel a watcha gonna do today (say what?)

I'm gonna get my freak and hit them chicks

and drive off in my brand new Range

Everybody go hotel-motel Holiday Inn

I say if your girl start acting up then you bust here friend

Up on beat (uh hu) my Mellow (that's right)

That's on you, so what you gonna do?


Well its on and its on and on-on-on-on

Say the beat dont stop until the break of dawn

Now I'm a P-L-A a Y-E-R a G with a double E

See a we go by the unforgetable clique of Lighter Shade of Brown

you see nooooowwww

My name is known all over the world

by all the true down players and the fly ass girls

And we going down in history

as the baddest playas you ever did see

As you chillin yo highs and you Banging your lows

The feet starts moving down to your toes

You start snappin' your fingers and moving your feet

Your body starts rocking to the shoreshine beat

I said jam you start movin' your feet

I said jam Right out of your seat

Now just throw your hands high in the air

and wave them all around like you dont care

Keep rocking to the beat withought no care

And make sure you come sharp baby for the affair

Now I'm not as tall as the rest of the gang

But I bang to the beat just the same

I got a playas face, and a pair brown eyes

all I'm here to do baby is just hypnotise

Singing on and on-on and on-on

Say the beat dont stop until the break of dawn

I said a 1-2-3-4 a come on y'all a get on the floor

Well come alive y'all a gimme what you

Got cause I'm guranteed to make you roc.

[Mellow Man Ace]

Well I was coming home late one dark afternoon

reporter stopped me for an interview

She said she's heard stories she heard fables

that I'm all drugged out still and turn tables

This fly reporter I did adore

I got smooth on that ass and popped the car door

She said damn Mellow Man I'm in love with you

all the stories I've heard they couldn't of been true

By the way sugar whats your name

She said I go by the name ExoticElaine

And you can be my boo kid you surely

can just let me dump my boyfriend the local bud man

I said he's a Busta I do suppose

puttin that meth all in your nose

He may be very paid or even cute

but his raps dead Wack you should give him the boot

I said you need Mellow Man I got finesse

I got my name in old english tatted on my chest

He may be able to slang all through the night

but he can't rock a party throught the early light

He may satisfy you with his little worm,

but I'm gonna turn that ass out when I get my turn

Im goin'do it, I'm goin' do it, I'm goin' do it do it do it

Cause I'm here and I'm there

cause I'm Mellow Man Ace and I'm everywhere

So just shock y'all a ticky-tak y'all

you dont stooopp, you keep on.

(yes yes yall)

(yes yes yall)

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