Ragnarok - Diabolical Age

An eternal darkness has come to us

All light on earth has ended

The new age has come... this is our diabolical age

An invocation to Antichrist, we hail!

Thou let us fall upon thee

And thou made us be as one

Times of hate, war and pain is now here

We have built something strong together...

Our diabolical age has come to be!

In a castle so deep we stand so proud and strong

We raise our blackhearted souls and greet

This everlasting and eternal age of darkness

This is our diabolical age

Face us, come into our souls

Feel the blackhearted darkness

Feel the hate, feel the masters of the diabolical age

Worship us, worship our new age

See the hate, see the pain

See our mighty and dark rivers

Where sacrificing blood flows in streams

We sacrifice for our new age

We sacrifice all we want and all we need

Do what thou wilt now

Oh, so darkly and proud

Oh, so black and hateful

Oh, so mighty and strong

Oh, how we hail thee

Hail the diabolical age.. Hail!

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