Boys all these boys only boys

Got nothing but boys on my mind

Asian Hispanic Caucasian and Black

So many I just can't decide

They lick their lips blow me a kiss

Whenever they see me walk by

Some cute some naughty some sweet sexy bodies

I just can't resist them cause I

I like I like I like 'em like that

I like I like I like 'em like that

I like I like I like 'em like that

I like 'em good, but I love 'em bad

Love is it love when a boy gets that look in his eyes (Ooh La La!)

They never quit coming they've got their something

They've got their je ne sais quoi

Instant attraction sweet satisfaction

Its almost too easy for me

To get into trouble cause boys are like bubbles

Their promises don't mean a thing, no no...

Give me a man that would give me the world

No I could never be his girl

But show me a man that has nothing I need

And he'll mean the world to me...

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