Raf - Senza Respiro

{*a parody of the Fat Boys' song "Fat Boys"*}

Frat boys

Frat boys

Now we may be inebriated, and somewhat dumb

But I'll tell you one thing, we can surely come

To the party, and wreck the house

Won't go home at all, unless they throw us out

So pass some more booze so I can blow chunks

Listen to the cool sounds that we make when we're drunk, ha haa!!

I-Eta-Pi, Kegga Bru

Sigma-Epsilon-Chi, which one is for you

And once you pledge your life is mine

You'll be a brother till the end of time

And at the end of the world when the countries start nukin'

Even if it's a fluke, I'll be in the back pukin' in the toilet

Taste just as good comin' back

Don't let it go to waste we're recycling that, tell 'em now

Now I've been a brother since seventy-nine

And I'm still in school now even though I'm forty-nine

It's not a problem 'cause I'm havin' fun

And I plan to graduate in two thousand twenty one

But it ain't no thing 'cause I'm always tan

And guaranteed to flunk every final exam

Like M and M's candy will melt in your beer

To sleep with every girl on campus is why I'm here

Now this Friday might be funky, and maybe even gory

But I know this for sure it will not be boring

'Cause we're gonna get five hundred kegs

And by the time the party's through I won't feel my legs

My friends are gonna bring rum to the party

Some Peach Tree Schnaaps, and gallons of Bacardy

Funnels on the side, Jello shots in the cup

And then I'll start all over after throwin' it up


Frat boys

You know they drink till dawn

Frat boys

They're puking on my lawn

Frat boys

You know they drink till dawn

Frat boys

They're puking on my lawn

Now life in the frat house is so much fun

It's just like Congress nothing ever gets done

You see we get the girls every night

But I wouldn't use the toilet if you value your life

But the house is sturdy, the fridge is full

We got beer made from here, Buffalo, and Nepal

We're just one big family, a happy crew

And all the roaches in the kitchen are brothers too

Just do the right thing and we'll accept you

Unless you're a black man, Hispanic, or Jew

All you need is to pay your membership fees

We want caaaaash, please no personal checks

It's only twelve-hundred dollars every month now

I got a raaaaash, that's your own damn fault

Get off your lazy butt and go down to the vault

We got lemon and tequila but we're out of salt

So if you're here to pledge better be prepared

The prophilactics are here and the sheep are there

We'll see if you're a man or mouse

You gotta prove you're a man to get in the frat house

To all the lady's in the place I'm ready to go

So if you wanna have fun just let me know

Twelve at one time, or maybe more

Powered by alcohol, I never get sore

A Budweiser man, a tower full of power

Urinated five times in the last half hour

It's five past eight, and I'm not drunk yet

I'm behind schedule but I needn't fret

'Cause I drink and I drink while I sing the beer psalm

Never gonna stop until I'm totally bombed

I gag and I belch and I throw up too

One toilet ain't enough, you're gonna need two

To hold me, and all the stuff, that I throw up

When my stomach erupts, get ready here it comes

Better watch where it runs..

The only one in the world who understands, toilet bowl


Now I'm the one in the frat house in charge of supplies

We're a beer drinkin', class skippin' couple o' guys

The house is so dirty that my teeth are brown

And I'm the man with the biggest beer gut in town

But I do plan to get out of here one day

And on my diploma it will proudly say

Never went to class, and he barely passed

Was the third from the bottom in the graduating class

Forget that, that can wait, bring the beer over here

'Cause I wanna have fun and what's one more year

'Cause education ain't nothing compared to bein' cool

I may be a grandfather by the time I'm out of school

'Cause I'm proud to be in a fraternity

And when we have a party it's the place to be

We're frats we're frats we're obnoxious little brats

And we're here for years 'cause our parents paid for that


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