Raf - Se Ti Senti Sola

[music by Morbid Death]

[lyric by Rui Lima]

I have been alone all my life

Streets full of people

Kisses of the wind

Hands of pity

Silences of the mind

Birds in my jail

Lions on the rum

Cages of ill

There is no sun

And I am alone

Streets full of people

What is my life

A wall of pain

A deck of blood

A fading sin

An uncertain mood

There is no one

There is none

An apple falling

No way of catching

And I am alone

Streets full of people

Where am I?

A place to stay or a place to die

There is no freedom

There is no room

A dark sky

A sin of mine

Streets full of nothing

I`m ready to go

I`m ready to die

I`m ready to go

And I am alone

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