Raf - Santi Nel Viavai

Many days of games where over in the kingdom of Burgund

at the end a hunting should be with Siegfried as their leader

[Gunther to Siegfried:]

"take your weapons saddle your horse your the greates hunter

tomorrow at the mourning red we will go to the forest".

Hagen said to Kriemhild that he wants to save Siegfried

from the robbers in the wood and from wild cruel animals

[Hagen to Kriemhild:]

"mark the vulnerable sign on Siegfrieds back

my shield should save him from all evil".

in the mourning they went to a place called Odenforest

Hagen has watched Siegfrieds back to have in mind the deadly mark

then the group was seperate cause Siegfried saw a roe

only Hagen followed him and the rest starred at them

as Siegfried had killed the roe he were dirty and tired

he asked Hagen for a spring and they ride to the place

then siegfried go on his knees and he drank his last gulp

Hagen put the lance in his back blood spiller from the Xantens king

as Kriemhild heard from the dead of her man

she knows at once who the murder were


"cursed are you Hagen Von Tronje with the Nibelungenhord

I will buy me a new army to have my revenge for you".

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