Raf - Little Girl

Thank you for your money and I thank you for your call

Now let me gaze deep into my crystal ball

And see what the future has in store for you

I gotta concentrate to clearly let the message come through

It says you'll win the lottery but lose the ticket

When your house catches fire and your dog dies in it

Then again I could be wrong but I never have before

Push one now if you want to hear more

Let's see, someone will throw up in your car

But don't worry 'cause your car will blow up at the mall

And kill everyone in the area

And the top of your head'll get a little less hairier

So give up, take a bath, go to bed

If you're lucky tomorrow you might wake up dead

If not, hey what more can I say

You're outta luck, your life sucks, thanks for callin' have a nice day.

Love, sex, your future looks bleak

Your son will be born as a two headed freak

And then sometime next week, your wife is gonna die

When she tries to make love to a banana cream pie

But don't feel bad 'cause you'll fall in love again

To a beautiful woman with a golden brown tan

Romance blossoms like a rose it's a thriller

But her ex-boyfriend will act like a weed killer

When he pummels your face into the ground so hard

That you become permanently part of the front yard

Where there a lawn mower mangles your face

And scatters your remains all over the place

Your life means nothing, you're a loser, you're a bore

So don't bother me with your troubles no more

You'll be lucky if you live past half-past eight

You're outta luck, your life sucks, thanks for callin', have a nice day.

You again? Alright, last time

You don't have to be psychic to read your mind

I know about you and your kind it's a crime

You got a little extra money and a lot of spare time

You will be greeted by a tall dark man

With a skull for a face and a sickle in his hand

The good news, you won't have to worry about germs

Bad news, now you're lunch for maggots and worms

But before you bite it, you might wanna know

That a tumor in your brain is beginning to grow

But I wouldn't worry about that I would watch where I walk

'Cause you're gonna get hit by a truck

Personally I'll be glad when you're gone

And I hope that you're scattered over my front lawn

And tomorrow will be even worse than today

You're outta luck, your life sucks, thanks for callin' have a nice day.

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