Raf - Interagendo

(feat. John Dough)


Uhh, uhh

Violator, rock on, rock on

Showbiz, Showbiz, rock on, rock on

C.J., C.J., rock on, rock on

Lord Finesse, Lord Finesse, rock on, rock on

Normski, Normski, rock on, rock on

K. Terroribul, K. Terroribul, rock on, rock on

Worldwide, worldwide, rock on, rock on


I'm elevatin to new heights draped in butter leathers and new Nikes

Niggaz who blew fights I knock 'em out with two rights

I'm too bright, for you weak individuals

And my residuals, and me, are indivisible

What the deal, baby, do what you feel

My mass appeal attracts, nothin but the real

Word to Neal, sometimes I just can't call it

I flush your half-ass rhyme straight down the toilet

For what it's worth, I toss my rhymes like a Nerf

You can, witness the birth when my shit hits the earth

Apocalyptic, when I bless the mic and kick it

To be specific, label this here teriffic

Cause I rip shows with quick flows of styles

And mesmerize the crowd

I see smiles across the faces, when I spit my game

Yours truly don't forget my name, now

Mark Lo, Mark Lo, rock on, rock on

Red Devil, Red Devil, rock on, rock on

Wiz One, Wiz One, rock on, rock on

Latee, Latee, rock on, rock on

R.B., R.B., rock on, rock on

Jazzy Jay, Jazzy Jay, rock on, rock on

Connivin Ivan, Connivin Ivan, rock on, rock on

Def Squad, Def Squad, rock on, rock on

[John Dough]

It's the dough toe to toe, you're dancin with the best

The niggaz that'll pull your wig off like Fred did to Esther

But I suggest ya, look alive or duck and dive

Cause when I rhyme uh, I got no time to shuck and jive

Listen, everything that I do's original

Never bit a style cause my man that shit is foul

Now, I'ma bless you, bust a blood vessel

Not unless you had to have that shit I called today's special

I guess you, thought I couldn't rock

But son my rhyme is deadly like the swine

you find in Jell-o puddin pops

While, other MC's talk about they pullin glocks

out my, pocket I be pullin motherfuckin knots

I got the, flow to blow like gas leaks

Runnin MC's through the streets butt-ass naked

with reflectors on they ass cheeks

Last week I made an MC haul ass - why?

Cause he didn't check the fuckin forecase


Fat Joe, Fat Joe, rock on, rock on

Buckwild, Buckwild, rock on, rock on

A.G., A.G., rock on, rock on

Pete Rock, Pete Rock, rock on, rock on

Ghostface, Ghostface, rock on, rock on

Sadat X, Sadat X, rock on, rock on

Moe G, Moe G, rock on, rock on

Big L, Big L, rock on, rock on

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