Raf - Il Senso Delle Cose

[Chorus: mc chris]

mc chris owns

I wanna go to an mc chris show

But he doesn't tour, so in the meantime

I'm gonna memorize all of his rhymes

[mc chris]

I spell word with a three, name's MC

Other rappers flow weak, like window unit AC's

Latins on my penis, Japanese on they knees

I love all the ladies, as long as they eighteen

I got bling up the ying, a plethora of Porsches

I'll say anything, cause my mouth is remorseless

Even The Source says my hip-hop's a vortex

Leave horseheads on doorsteps, my mic checks cost Corvettes

The strobe light explodes white as I step on the floor

The barkeep knows the code so he throws me a Stroh's

Weak MC's decompose, cause they know I can flow

Like wessel comma zam through corruscant corridors

Humidors filled with stoges filled with 'dro

Like 9-0-2-1-0 is filled with the word bro

Fuck the lexicon of octagons I'm all about go

These amateurs got catheters I'm all about pro's


[mc chris]

I'm lit like a Branch-Davidian or what's left of the lithium

In Cobain's cranium I fill Wembly Stadium

Once bitten, twice shy, call it "Pyromania"

When I roll up in Kashyyk, I roll three Jedi's

The fleet of peeps that I creep all got vest's underneath

There's no need to believe in the heat that I keep

Or the swears that I *bleep* of the heiresses I freak

It's embarrasing to me, I'm like kerosene it seems

Or D-R-E-W B with incendiary schemes blowin' up, makin' cream

I am just like Howard Dean when I scream

I get red, I get mean

Can't believe you be buying what I be shucking and jiving

Fuck it if I am the next big thing with promotional tie-ins

I am just a cartoon making rapper, you think I'm lying

Everybody bust a move like it is that rave in Zion

My self aggradizing and deprecation keeps 'em guessing

Call my Venus Flytrap, cause my DJ's Howard Hessman

Word 'em up, yo, word 'em up, yo

I just let the rap game out of a choke hold


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