RADIONAVE - Satélite De Mim

(feat. H.A.W.K., Lil' Keke, Big Pokey, Grace)

S.U.C. remix...

[Hook: x2]

Still tipping on 4-4's, wrapped in 4-4's

(4-4's I'm tipping, wood grain I'm gripping)

Tipping-tipping on 4-4's, wrapped in 4-4's

Pimping-pimping fo' hoes, and packing 4-4


Still tipping on 4-4's, riding with fo' hoes

With suicide do's, swanging out of control

Downtown friday night, wood wheel bub lights

Chrome grill sitting right, swanging through the red night

Man I'm looking out of sight, candy paint looking clean

Same color as a tangerine, fo' 15's and fo' screens

I should be in a magazine, I turn heads when I hit the scene

In some'ing niggaz ain't never seen, unless they seen it in they dreams

Then I got the seven deuce, candy red on juice

Big rims big roof, banging knocking the hinge loose

Shaking like a earthquake, Fat Pat on the plates

Hit the switch watch my bitch, three wheel pancake

Rearview on my dash, .40 Cal in my stash

Turning corners acting bad, niggaz catching whiplash

Screw banging in my ride, dime on my right side

H-A-Dub-K, representing Southside


Guess who the game runner, in your deck bout to wreck it

Turn it up and let it bang, on the mic and then check it

I been slamming do's since '94, swanging glass with the trunk on glow

Go-getter stay paid I love the do', spit hot shit they love the flow

On a daily make 'em pay me, slab pop trunk surround

Candy painted chrome shoes, raining screens in your town

Gripping grain leaving stains, through the rain switching lanes

Fo' 15's and fo' screens, five swangas that swang

We rolling out down in the South, the trunk up and top down

Pulling out and looking good, gripping wood and we gon clown

You know G-R with them touch screens, white gold and blue cream

Standing out when on the scene, blowing dro on leather green

Blue 52 we keep spinning, turning heads when corner bending

24's or 84's, coming down and we chrome tipping

Southside we swang wide, 44's or 4-5's

Bullets fly and jackers die, when fucking with them G rides

[Lil' Keke:]

H-Town game colder, Sunday night strip roller

Diamond mouth Dirty South, legendary slab holder

Flipping on new vogues, in the parking lot of my shows

Might be macking on two hoes, and I'm tipping on 4-4's

Touch the button scoot back, automatic roof cracked

Fill your cup windows up, I could bulletproof that

Candy paint Southside, a wood grain wheel guider

Hit the switch raise it up, bring it back shoot fire

Beat the trunk let it bang, let them boppers do they thang

Bust a right hit my lights, catch him in the turning lane

Pull up like a boss man, driving with my floss hand

Bass hitting hard in the trunk, like a church band

Don Ke' you know it's on, Big Po' Mike Jones

Big rims big chrome, in and out your time zone

Hustlers get your swang on, gangstas let it roll

I'm tipping on 4-4's, and I'm riding under control

[Big Pokey:]

I'm sitting on 4-4's, fo' point stands like a bulldog

Blue lens headlights, horse po wer under the hood y'all

Old school like a eight track, my cake stacked like a brick wall

Roof pushed back when the six crawl, tip in the motor I ditch laws

Do' slammer rimmed up, driveway decorated

Fo' hammers stash spots, everywhere niggaz hating

Off the gut raise it up, Afghan blaze it up

Park the car play the truck, meet the Rican weight it up

Po' it up shake it up, fo' 15's trying to break it up

Slab riding with the hockey game, I be the nigga that'll take the Cup

State to state pulling up, like a hamstring they know Dina

International worldwide, cool but ain't no hoe neither

It's pimping here I'm a hoe bleeder, jet black fo'-fo' heater

4-4's on four vogues, weed stashed in the do' speaker

On Boulevards I'm a slow creeper, hog the lane like the trash truck

Dog I chase these fast bucks, niggaz better get they cash up


S.U.C., the Take Over

Get ready for it baby, Straight Wreckin Vol. 3

It's coming, we ain't stopping baby S.U.C.

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