Radigost - Winter Dusk lyrics

Lifeless frozen fields lay in the twilight mist,

dusk sky lowered, grey clouds are gathering.

Night lowers it's wings on the dismal snow deserts,

nightfall lays on the snow forests and meadows.

Moon is hidden by the clouds, snowflakes are dancing.

The cold fire of winter burns my naked soul.

Ethereal snow whirl takes me far from the earth surface.

Howling wind, spectral voices of the whirling snowstorm I hear.

Invisible demons of winter are raising me over the starlit clouds.

The ghostly moon is floating in the sky as if sadly reminder of the world's grief.

Stars are twinkling with cold light in the black astral chasm.

Winter night sky causes feeling of universe's infinity.

Winter souls are whirling in the snowfall,

luminous shades are gliding through the dark forest.

They take my shivering soul in their pagan round dance,

lost in the curtain of snow, dissolved in the winter dusk.

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